Application & Care


Step 1: Carefully remove first lash from tray lifting by the band and avoiding the hairs, these are handmade and are delicate.

Step 2: Hold lashes to your lash line and measure to the length of your eye.

*This step is extremely important, lashes that are too long can drag the eyes downward instead of lifting.

Step 3: Trim the lash on the outer corner. You don't want to ruining the design of the lashes by cutting the inner corner.

Step 4: Next you will have to prep your natural lashes for application, by curling them and applying a thin layer of mascara.

Step 5: Apply thin layer of lash adhesive along the lash band, adding a little extra on the ends to prevent an lifting throughout the day. Then allow the glue to become tacky before putting them in place.

Step 6: Use your tool of choice (tweezers, lash applicator, or your fingers) to place the lashes as close to your lash line. Starting with the center of your eyes and then adjusting the inner and outer corner.

Step 7: Once the adhesive dries, pinch your falsies and natural lashes together to further disguise our little secret.

Care Instructions

Step 1. Always store your lashes in the original tray of lash case to keep them clean and maintain the lashes shape


Step 2. Dampen Q-tip with alcohol making sure remove excess moisture and rub on band to soften buildup glue.


Step 3. Gently peel off glue with your fingers. (If lash hairs need cleaning proceed to next step, if not proceed to step 6)

Step 4. Place lashes on a paper towel and with another dampened Q-tip gently rub the lashes in one direction starting from the band to the ends.

Step 5. Brush through the lashes with the spoolie to separate lash hairs.


Step 6. Place lashes back on tray with box lid open to dry.

Step 7. Once lashes are dry, you are ready to wear again.


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